Check Out Our Swag!

We're excited to finally introduce to you New Columbia Swing branded swag!  By popular demand, we've got the following items now available for pre-order:

  • New Columbia Swing logo t-shirts
  • "Fall off the log" t-shirts
  • Cotton duffel bags
  • Aluminum water bottles

Pre-orders are now closed!

If you made a pre-order, we except to receive the initial order by mid-December. We will contact you by email as soon as we have your swag!

Missed your chance to pre-order? We will have a limited selection of additional merch items available once the initial order is received.

New Columbia Swing logo t-shirts: $20

Our unisex and women's t-shirt designs will have you representing in style!

"Fall off the log" t-shirts: $20

Available in unisex and women's sizes!

Cotton duffel bags: $25

The perfect size and style for your dance shoes and extra clothes!

Aluminum water bottles: $10

Because every swing dancer needs to hydrate early and often.


Size Charts

Women's Sizing


Unisex Sizing