New Dancers: Want to Try Out Swing Dancing for Free?

We love new dancers!  Sign up online, use the voucher code FIRSTTIME, and your first drop-in lesson plus your first Tuesday night dance is on us!

Our Classes

We're pleased to offer some of the best instructors and classes around!  Here are some of the things we are up to:

Drop-In Lessons from 8-9pm Before Every Tuesday Dance

Need a refresher?  Want to try swing dancing for the first time?  Our drop-in lesson is the perfect place!  No partner and no advance registration is necessary.

Our drop-in lesson admission comes included with admission to our weekly dance, the New Columbia Social.  So once you've learned a few new moves, stick around to try them out!

Series Classes

When you're ready to really dive in to learning the dance, we're here for you. Our full-length class series run every six weeks.

Swing 1 is a single 6-week series that will introduce you to the basics of Lindy Hop, including the standard move patterns, basic footwork, and partnership technique.

Swing 2 consists of four rotating 6-week series that will continue to hone swing dancing skills you learned in Swing 1, expand your Lindy Hop move library, and introduce you to other swing dances that you can integrate into your social dancing. You may begin the Swing 2 level with any of these series:

A) Lindy Hop: Musicality and Rhythm

B) Charleston

C) Lindy Hop: Moves and Partnership

D) Balboa and Bal-Swing

We also offer one-off classes and shorter 3-week series on special topics, some introductory and some more advanced. Keep an eye on the calendar or an ear out for announcements at the New Columbia Social about what new topic is coming up!

Everything is taught by our fantastic team of instructors.

All Tuesday-night classes run from 8-9pm. You may not be admitted into the classrom after 8:20 pm, so be sure to arrive early to allow time to check in!

Class Pricing (all prices include dance admission)

  Online At the door Single Class*
6-Week Series $100 $120 $25*
3-Week Series $50 $60 $25*

* Taking a single class in a series is only available as space permits and is dependent on series content and/or previous dance experience. Admittance is at the discretion of the instructors.

Here's what's coming up:

Current Classes

Coming Up Next

Solo Jazz Dance Improvisation

Begins April 23rd

Get comfortable improvising with solo jazz movement, increasing your jazz step vocabulary and getting inspiration from other dancers.

Kate Feldman
David Lee

Swing 1: Intro to Lindy Hop

Begins April 23rd

Learn the fundamental rhythms, movements, and partnering integral to the African American swing dance style invented in the ballrooms of 1930s/40s Harlem, the Lindy Hop!

Amanda Gerken
Skyler Hinkel
Annabel Quisao

Swing 2: Balboa and Bal-Swing

Begins April 23rd

Learn the basics of these partnered swing dances of Southern California and be ready to twist, turn, and explore intricate footwork. Completion of the Swing 1 series or equivalent is required to attend this class.

Connor Cole
Aryn Kelly

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