New Columbia Swing Owners, Board, and Staff

It takes a community to raise a child and New Columbia Swing has a hell of a strong community supporting it. These dedicated local dancers give their time and effort to make sure that New Columbia Swing provides the kind of atmosphere that encourages people to invest themselves in the community.

New Columbia Swing Board

These people were chosen by the group of local dancers who worked together to found New Columbia Swing. They oversee all of the operations of the organization.

New Columbia Swing Owners

Running a dance takes a significant financial investment and these local dancers all put themselves forward to financially support the establishment of New Columbia Swing.

Note: The set of owners is currently being legally finalized and will be disclosed as soon as we have finished the legal filing process.

New Columbia Swing Staff

New Columbia Swing cannot operate effectively without these other members of the community, chosen by the organization's board, who fulfill vital roles:

  • Sarah Chapin — Secretary of the Board (non-voting)
  • Sarah Garr – Volunteer Coordinator

New Columbia Swing Safety Committee

The safety of our community members is something that New Columbia Swing takes extremely seriously. While you can approach any New Columbia Swing owner, board member, instructor, or staff member with concerns about Code of Conduct violations or general thoughts about what would promote a welcoming environment, we feel that it is vital to have a select group of independent staff members who would oversee the process of addressing specific Code of Conduct violations.

Our Safety Committee currently consists of:

  • Arielle B.
  • Kate P.
  • Bryant S.