Who Are We?

New Columbia Swing is a newly formed organization whose goals include the promotion of Lindy Hop and other swing dances through education, outreach, and regular weekly dances.  We're proud to offer you some of the best weekly dancing in the DC area, and we want to be the absolute best place for you to learn to dance.

Our organization is owned by members of the DC swing community, and we are operated by an independent board that includes a representative of the owners as well as members who manage key responsibilities.

Our Board:

  • Lexie Briggs - Community Partnerships
  • Jason Niesz - Communications
  • Annabel Truesdell Quisao - Dance Education
  • Michael Quisao - Music and Music Education
  • Jes Simpson - Owners' Representative
  • Greg Stasiewicz - Weekly Dance Operations
  • Lee Tucker - Infrastructure (Web and Finance)

Other Staff:

Numerous other community members have been instrumental in getting us up and running, and they continue to play key roles in the organization.  Some of these individuals are:

  • Alex Burkey
  • Sarah Chapin
  • Patrick Everson
  • Sarah Garr
  • Pamela Kaye
  • David Lee
  • Mike Marcotte
  • Caroline Seipp 

Get Involved!

We're a group that's dedicated to growing and improving the DC swing dance community.  For that, we need your help!  There are many ways to get involved:

  • Assisting with weekly registration
  • Setup and teardown for weekly dances and special events
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Other great ideas that you can think up!

Are you interested in getting involved? Contact info@newcolumbiaswing.org today!